What I love about media is basically all related to the internet. I love especially the strange unfiltered media like Reddit or Quora where you can talk to random anonymous people from all over the world with the same specific interests.
I follow a subreddit about ethereum, which is cryptocurrency. I don’t know anyone who knows about this, but on Reddit, there is always a niche. My mother grew up in Bloemendaal, where she didn’t like anyone around her. Had she had the internet, her youth wouldn’t be so bad because there are always people that have the same niche interests.
Another huge part of my media consumption goes to podcasts. I used to listen to the radio when commuting, but not anymore thanks to podcasts. I follow a lot of American podcasts, one I listen to daily is called the Daily by The New York Times. This is basically how the NOS journaal should be but isn’t in audio form.
Another interesting part of the media for me is the shift from analog to digital news reporting and how these companies can earn money. Since ads don’t really pay off, some are experimenting with donation models. Only big corporations can survive and they acquire small every company that could hurt them.

Max Pusch


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