Media: A Bridge of Sharing

About six years ago, I went to Vancouver for a vacation. It was my first time going abroad, it also was my first time to use an international app—Instagram. During my vacation, I created my account and posted many interesting pictures of my travel. I suddenly realized that sharing something lovely that I saw made me happy. In other words, I like that feeling of sharing my life. With the increase of my follower and likes, I was proud of that since someone was being interested in my life. It seems like I was noticed and recognized. Even one day, one of my followers sent a message to me saying “I like your photos. Many places you went, I went to them as well that recall much of my memories.” that encouraged me a lot. From then on, I frequently posted more and more pictures on my social media platforms. I want my friends to know what my life is like, what I am eating, where I am going to, what I am like that day, etc. At the same time, I also can see their life.

In my opinion, media is like a bridge because there is much information being exchanged no matter where you are. You can learn about others even your favorite stars, and people who are from all over the world also can see your life. Media shorten the distance from people to people. More interactions have been brought and our life has been enriched.

When you ask me why I love media, I would like to say it changed my life. Because I love sharing, my ability to discover has been enhanced; because I love sharing, I would like to study more prices of technique and acquire more knowledges to improve my posts. I am thinking that I cannot live without media since human beings are herd animals and the feeling of sharing is amazing. Media is disappearing, I will love sharing forever because I exactly live in a world of media.

Gretel He

Student number: 13390430


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