‘The Importance of Media in my Life, and How it Enables me to Remain Connected to my Ancestry’

Media has played an extremely important role in my life, and has done since the moment I was born. As a child born in the 21st Century, the significant role that media was going to play in my life was inevitable. Throughout my lifetime, I have witnessed the release of the first smartphone, and the important role it has come to play in our modern-day society, the change from traditional CD’s and DVDs to the use of online streaming platforms such as Spotify and Netflix. The weight of modern-day media in my life is drastic, and something all of us experience in our day-to-day life, often employing it subconsciously and understanding its normalcy in our society today.

Regardless of these impactful technological advances, media was going to play a vast role in my life. My family were some of the first filmmakers in the United Kingdom, beginning to create and produce the first films, alongside the Lumière Brothers who were based in France. The advances they made and dedication to their art is a momentous drive for my love of media. Studying the various degrees and changes of it allows me to understand the role my ancestors played in allowing film to reach the position it in today. The opportunity to develop my understanding and learn about the detail, thought and dedication placed into making film, allows me to feel close to my family and appreciate the foundations they successfully created. Studying media has developed my admiration for their hard work and following in their footsteps is an experience I do not take for granted.

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