I 🤍 my media

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Disclaimer: cliche stories ahead, BUT at the end there is a funny looking kitten : )

I love my media because it brings me closer to my family and friends within seconds. I just dial them up through FaceTime and boom, although virtually, we’re still together. While media are definitely not a tool to replace actual human contact, they still help us connect to our loved ones. 

Through media I met one of my best friends that I would have never met otherwise. She is from Seattle, WA and I am from Tallinn, Estonia. Completely opposite sides of the world. We met in the time of COVID-19 lockdown, when Tinder had its “travel tool” for free. Me and my (now) best friend had both of our locations set to Paris. And to think, we both had done it for jokes. It is crazy how the world works. I am extremely thankful to have her in my life, she has been with me for 1.5+ years now and I consider her to be one of my closest friends (even though we have only met through FaceTime).

Through media I can help the animal shelter I volunteer at. While I am 2.7 thousand kilometres away from home, I can still be apart of this beautiful organisation that helps so many animals. I can still manage foster homes thanks to Facebook, Messenger and Gmail. I can still manage the shelters Instagram and Facebook. I am thankful for my media because it lets me help beautiful souls find homes, even if I’m 2.7k km away.

Through media I welcomed a new member into our family. Our shelter had rescued 18 cats living in a hoarders horrid house. I saw the post made by our shelter manager: they were searching for new homes ASAP. Within less than a day, one of the kittens was already in a new home, with my family. He is extremely thankful, paying us back by purring so loud that you can hear it even through FaceTime.

Blessing you with a picture of our kitten: 

his wittle tongue is out 🥺

Have an amazing media-filled day!


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