Media is my comfort 

I often find myself turning to my media in times of distress and discomfort. I seek out to my media in these situations because I know that it gives me an immense sense of comfort when I need it the most.

The time when I felt unusually sad I could let my favorite show play as I tried to sleep, knowing that the silence would be unbearable. Even having my back turned away from my laptop, the sounds of the familiar characters together with the faint blue light slightly hitting my eyelids soothed my soul.

The time when I was nervously waiting for my date to arrive at the bar, I could aimlessly stare into my screen to seem as busy as I could possibly make myself out to be while waiting those excruciatingly long minutes, hoping I could soon put my phone away.

The time when I lived across the world from my family and felt incredibly alone, I could still hear my mothers voice through my headphones as she got more and more annoyed trying to figure out how to get Facetime to work. A smile swept across my lips when she finally showed up on my screen, and at that moment I felt a little bit less alone.

My relationship with my media is hard to put into words, but the word that stands out the most is comfort. My media is the thing that surrounds me as I let myself be immersed by its presence. Knowing it will always be there for me is a comforting thought. 

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