My Media: I have won but at what cost?

I am grateful that I can communicate with my friends and family through my device even when we live countries and continents away. With a click (or more of a press) of a button I can ask my mom for her pasta recipe; or talk to my best friend about the latest gossip.

I love that on a daily basis I get to share my life and things that interest me through social media platforms like through Instagram stories.

I love that sites like Twitter allow us to share thoughts, gossip, and even important news.

I love that I can choose any entertaining films, series and videos that are to my liking without having to think twice. Not to mention I can use both my phone and TV in unison. The satisfaction and comfort one can get when spending the night in bed watching your favourite series is immeasurable.

I love to listen to whatever music I love whenever I feel like it; to order food or clothes whenever I want; and to even learn something new every day through media.

But on the other hand, I am addicted. Let’s just call it “over-consumption”.

My media can lead me into a deep abyss- difficult to escape. It separates me from reality and those around me. It creates self-doubt and insecurities due to comparing myself to others’ lives. Also… all the screen time gives me migraines.

Therefore, due to my media, I relate to the meme: “I have won but at what cost?”



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