Love-hate relationship with media

You know that feeling when you are going on a long trip and you have to take a ten-hour flight or sometimes even more…

We all prepare for a trip, packing up everything that we need.

The thing is, I personally also mainly prepare for the fact that at some point during the trip I won’t have a stable wifi connection.

So I kind of pack my phone for the trip too, downloading all sorts of media : some new albums on Spotify, tv shows on Netflix, podcasts, online books…

However what I end up doing every single time is packing too much. I just end up listening to my favorite songs and scrolling through my pictures full of memories, freeing some storage for the memories to come.

I’m basically “cleaning” my phone like I would clean my room. 

Now, being on a trip offline is one of the few acceptable reasons for not replying to messages immediately or even being fully updated about what is going on on instagram. Here, I’m not even talking about it being socially acceptable, but being personally acceptable for me to be disconnected .

The disconnection is a pleasant sensation that sometimes can feel like an urge. I guess we all have this “craving” sooner or later to be disconnected.

In the end, even if our media are good time fillers when we don’t have anything else to do, they tend to be a way to present. 

So at the end I love my media but sometimes I just need to get away from it, almost like a very personal relationship …

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