why i <3 my media

There is no need to romanticise my relationship to media, i am just as addicted as everyone else. But for now it gives me a lot of joy. Being able to share music, thoughts, art, memes, profiling yourself with a concept just the way you want it to be (even if its fake) feels absolute great, not going to lie, but even better is consuming it all. Getting lost in endless access to almost every piece of information (or personal opinions stated as facts, who is even able to tell the difference anymore), illegally streaming every damn movie or series on this planet, deep stalking the new girlfriend of your ex, online shopping for hours, watching stupid compilations of drunk people doing weird stuff, being shocked by the accuracy of algorithms and the more or less personalised ads they produce (look, this key-chain-sanitizerbottle-holder is just what i needed!). The possibilities are infinite. But who knows how this will affect us in a few years, what will it be like when we get old? Will we still post instagram stories from the retirement home? What will this do to our brains, our bodies? We will all for sure have osteoarthritis in our thumbs from scrolling for 20 hours a day at some point, but what about our mental state? What happens if we drown in consumption? But who knows if we even survive to the point of possible long term damage showing…For now i would just say enjoy it as long as it makes you happy.

But never forget to question it in the end.

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  1. I believe I have a love hate relationship with media. On the one hand, I love media because it provides me with more efficient and effective ways to create content such as music whilst also allowing me to gather information through platforms like youtube with its endless tutorial videos on every subject imaginable, allowing me to further my knowledge and abilities. Despite these advantages of media, I find myself spending a lot of time thinking about media which makes it difficult for me to remain in the moment and enjoy the smaller things in life.

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