A Fine Line

Sometimes I couldn’t hate my media more. As I scroll and check and watch and complete all of these silly tasks, I sometimes find what I am doing and seeing to be superficial or pointless. When it comes to this point I realize that it’s time to shut off my device and do something else. In this moment of realization a feeling of humiliation creeps in. Why am I investing so much time into something that isn’t helping me grow or learn in any capacity? However, this is where the fine line comes in because I love media for this exact reason. The pointlessness and lack of meaning feels like an escape or a break from any fast-paced environment. In a society where we are constantly pressured to be doing something worth while all the time, it feels good to do absolutely nothing. And the pointless aspect of some media provides that. This is not to say that media, generally speaking, is pointless. Which is another reason why I love it. I believe that it is crucial and essential in terms of bringing people together and sharing with each other. It’s similar to a certain type of relationship I suppose; although I can despise it at times, for me, the good that media has done outweighs the bad.

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