Media in my life <3

Over the last few years, media has become more and more important in my life.

At first, it was a place where I could just entertain myself by watching videos on YouTube, playing online video games and just searching weird stuff I was interested in.

As time went by, I started gaining more interest in the world of media and the internet and there it was when I opened my first account ever in the amazing platform of Club Penguin which changed my perspective on the use of all technological devices. I could spend hours on that platform having fun and chatting with other penguins.

After that I remember asking my parents if I could open my very own Facebook account because all my friends were opening their own, but in my case it took me a little bit more convincing to do because for my parents it was a big deal to let their little twelve year old daughter get into the unknown world of Facebook which they truly thought was a dangerous place at first, and nowadays the tables have turned because they use it even more than I do.

After using it for a while and having my first chat with my friends from school via Messenger, it slowly made me feel like I was in a safe space where I could express my feelings in a different way instead of face to face like in school. 

In this day and age I could say that the media takes a very important part of my life. I share my thoughts and feelings, what I like and dislike, my travelling, artsy photos, my taste in music, etc. One day I wish I could make an income out of my social media because it is something I enjoy spending my time on.

Since I was very young, I had friends that moved from my country to others but, because of the media, we never lost touch. I also have moved a lot in the past few years of my life and being connected to my friends ,even if they are thousands of kilometers away, has helped me feel secure that I could express any good or bad circumstances that went on in my life because I could always count on Media as my way of expressing myself.

Given that I have recently moved to Amsterdam, I have been video calling with my friends and family a lot and my dad always says: “ Thank God we can call each other anytime, wherever we are by just clicking on the screen, imagine living in the old times and having to wait for each other’s letters.” Without a doubt that is the main reason why I ❤ My Media.

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Florencia Sicardi


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