A healthy relationship is defined by boundaries, understanding and open communication. My relationship with media is severely lacking these qualities. If these are the three pillars, responsible for the foundation of a relationship, my marriage with media will give our kids plenty of quality content to discuss, in their therapy sessions.

The silver lining however, is that my divorce with media will land me a sweet bachelor pad.

Phase 1: Love at first sight with Media.

Phase 2: Honeymoon phase with Media.

Phase 3: Everything is going great with Media.

Phase 4: Honeymoon phase over, how do I break up with Media?

Phase 5: If I end things with Media, they would be destroyed. Better not do that to media.

Phase 6: I don’t know how, but now Media and I are married?

Phase 7: Maybe a child with media will fix this!

Phase 8: Child with Media did not fix this…

Phase 9: Media’s mother moved in with us, now there’s two of them.

Nick Catranis – 13407368


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  1. Of course, there are good and things about my media. But one reason why I love my media is that I can talk to my family and friends who live abroad. My whole life I have lived abroad and moving to different countries has caused me to be away from family but also from friends that I made over the years. So I love my media because it gives me the opportunity to talk to people that are far away. It has helped me stay connected to people that I would not have been able to stay connected to without media. Now that I’m in Holland and my parents live in Malaysia, I can still talk to them and feel connected to them. I don’t know what I would do without my media during this time.
    – Sophie Wagner, 13546589

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