Why I Heart My Media

My media has accompanied me for almost my whole life. It is the source of some of my best and worst memories; I remember the excitement as a kid trying to watch my sister catch Pokemons on a Nintendo, but also the bitterness as a young girl realizing I’d never look like the model on my explore page. My media’s ubiquity defines our whole relationship. It has been by my side for so long, witnessed and captured countless moments of my life and impacted every aspect of it. I have been able to develop my personal sense of style through my media, to learn about different events around the world and feel wonderful moments of connection with individuals across the globe. However my media has also exposed me to situations that endangered my well-being, I have even had to impose myself breaks in order to mend my relationship with my media.

 My media has permeated through my relationships and friendships. I have found myself wondering why they aren’t answering me, investigating stories and status activity to figure out what could possibly be happening behind the screen. Connecting the dots and recreating timelines, spiraling through the endless livestreams of everyone’s activities. Why wasn’t I invited there? Are they really having that much fun? 

The truth is that I’m still learning to live with my media. It changes and grows over time just like me, and it can be challenging to constantly adapt: always figuring out limits and boundaries so that I can enjoy it without getting hurt. But I love my media enough to make those efforts. I make efforts to keep my media in my life because I love my media.

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  1. Media allows anyone and everyone to have a voice. Although there are many aspects of media that scare me, the most valuable aspect of media to me is that it allows undermined communities to make themselves heard. There are millions of stories out there that aren’t covered in mainstream media platforms because it is not bringing in views and clicks, but aside from the capitalistic way of thinking media allows personal stories to be heard and educates people. Education is one of the most crucial pillars of our society and without education, chaos would rise. Each story teaches us something and unless we allow ourselves to learn about these stories we cannot expand our vision and our impact on the world and people. There are issues going on in different places of the world that no one has yet heard of and media has the potential to inform us of these issues.
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