I love media, but what is this media I love?

I love Spotify and its ability to find or connect me to music that uplifts my soul to the lyrics of songs like Jumper by Third Eye Blind or Superman by Five for Fighting.
I love Twitter and its ability to make me want to have drinks with people I’ve never met, but Facebook makes me want to throw drinks at people I already know even though I get to show how awesome my life is via photos.
I love StumbleUpon and its ability to help me enjoy what the internet has to offer with rich websites dedicated to people trying to love the world a bit more every day in its mystic and ever growing knowledge.
I love YouTube and its ability to give me a laugh when I need it or help me tie a tie with a video. Definitely a great tool to use for anything dealing with video.
I love my phone and its ability to give me a voice to tell my family I am alright and to keep in touch with the ones I care for.
I love my Xbox and its ability to enjoy the virtual presence of a dear friend who moved away at the beginning of summer. This way we are never further apart than a TV screen.

While media isn’t infallible, we are always going to use it. So I keep the beautiful parts close and my friends closer.

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