Gilleon Macdonald Borland – The media and I, our never ending love

There isn’t just one reason I love media. If there was only one type of media…then maybe. However, like humans, it comes in all different shapes, sizes, a colors.
Television doesn’t allow me to communicate with all my friends and family, but I LOVE that it allows me to see imagination come to life and (even though they say tv and movies aren’t real) it can give you hope. Hope for love or adventure or even hope for a future, ( I’ve had multiple people tell me, and are actively trying to become csi because of the show) and so much more. On a final note about tv. Television itself might not let you communicate but with the newest televisions, the tv itself will let you communicate with the world.
And thats just one type of media. With all the capabilities of smart phones, computers, the internet and so on, theres just one thing left to say. Media is Life and I love it.

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