Why I love my media..

I love my media because it marks who I am and where I have been. Last spring, I studied abroad in Italy and traveled all around Europe for 5 months. It was truly one of the best experiences in my life and I was able to document my trip through various photographs and videos. I saved these memories onto my computer and when I returned home I was able to scroll through and re-expeirence everything all over again. The moment I realized that I really do love my media is when I accidentally dropped my computer and the hard-drive had potentially crashed. I had not used an external hard drive to backup and the computer experts were certain I had lost everything. Fortunately, after many weeks of waiting and “DriveSavers” working on my computer, I was able to retain everything! I have never been so thankful for a piece of media. That moment is when I realized how much I love my media and what it can do for me. (Shawn Stierwalt, 9/13/2011)


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