Travis Williams: Why I Lurve Media

I love media because my culture demands it. That being said, I am completely fascinated by media and the ways we interact with it as a culture. For example, although interacting with my peers in person is real life, there are many situations where it is easy to forget that the person you are interacting with is a PERSON. Walking around campus today with my earphones in, I realized that I viewed the people walking around me as no more that objects I need to avoid walking into. I also work in customer service and it is easy to sometimes feel as I’m viewed as a robot designed to make my customers happy.

However, when viewing people’s facebook accounts, I find myself thinking of them as people again. What have they been up to as told by their recent pictures? Who have they been talking to? I love media because it is something that is ever-changing and ever-evolving. We are in the future baby!


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