Why is the world of media da BOMB? -Victoria Saul

It is remarkable how our society has been capable of continuously stumbling upon amazing, new discoveries in the world of media. Without these innovations our economy and personal lives would be considerably altered. I appreciate these advancements in our modern techonology mainly because of the things it allows me to do. This includes being able to be in constant contact with my friends and family. No matter the distance between us, we have the ability to keep in touch and maintain a close relationship as though we were never separated thanks to the inventions of long distance calls, text messaging, and skype. Another reason I am so greatly for our advancements in media is that I am capable of producing images such as the one linked with the unimaginable resources provided for the use of photography and capturing memorable moments and marvels with a simple snapshot. All in all, even though our society most commonly takes the world of media for granted, having these technologies provided for us is one of the greatest pleasures and our world should be ever so thankful.


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