Glenn Halasz-Why I Heart My Media

This course was hard to follow the real meaning and point.  Throughout the semester I kept asking myself why any of the material that was covered in class mattered at all to me, personally; more or less asking the question, “So what?”, after most of the lectures.  So the conclusion that I arrived at here at the end of the semester, and ultimately this course, is that we must accept media into our lives working intertwined with it and no try to “fight the machines” as they can greatly help the works of our every day lives.  If we work together with media, people are afraid that we will lose the old-fashioned way of communicating, actually talking to someone without the use of a media form.  All of these new forms of communication are faster and easy.  So by having these new forms of communication become so widely used by the population, it makes the older ways of communicating that much stronger than it used to be.  Think, an email today is an old-fashioned letter, just in a quicker form.  So if someone actually sits down and writes a letter, then that letter will mean so much more to the recipient than just receiving an email.  We must accept the new forms of communicating as they help us get information to each other quickly, rather than having news get from the east coast to the west coast in a couple of days.  Media can bring us so much, so why fight it when we can exploit it’s greatness that opens up so many more opportunities for us.


Glenn Halasz


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