Media Lives

The main point of the course with all the information we received boils down to the Truman show and how integrated media is with our lives. To best answer this I think an example would be best. Right before I wrote this I saw a Windows 7 pc commercial where a couple was on the internet talking on MSN and chatting with others about marriage. When they make the big announcement their computer gets blown up with IMs so they close the computer, turning it off with a sign of relief. Seconds later his cellphone starts rapidly buzzing and beeping with incoming IMs. I think this commercial effectively displays media in society today. We don’t interact with media like in the past, sitting down watching television for hours is simply out dated. We now live our lives through media, so much that media has become embedded into our everyday lives/actions. Some may argue that is has negative impacts on society, but from what I’ve picked up from the class, the right level of media in our lives is beneficial. Media isn’t going anywhere, and is actually becoming more and more popular every year. Learning that we have becomes so dependent on media, and were living “media lives”, it only makes sense that once you establish yourself in media, its nearly impossible to leave. So embrace media, keep the Twitter, Facebook, etc, but keep those privacy setting up, because you never know whos out there.


Alex Sailor-


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Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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