Why I Heart My Media 12/5/11

What is the point of looking at yourself and the world we live in from the perspective of living in media?

The answer is in the question; the point of looking at ourselves and the world from this perspective is because life as we know it is making a shift into media. I may be Sean Meehan to my parents, the sweet, kind hearted, perfect, pure soul that they raised, yet to Ashley Hudson (Random name), a girl who is a senior at my high school, who follows me on twitter, I’m an avid sports fan who’s a die hard Indiana University Basketball fan and not afraid to show it; also love video games and raunchy comedy. With the more and more people stepping into media life, and social media, I start to notice myself grooming myself from all the “impressive stuff” that would have gotten me attention before. I’ve toned down from being “cool” in media, to just being, me, in media. It has become my life, school, job, family, all apart of media and use facets of media technology to connect better. I’m very thankful for my media and because of T101, now have a better understanding of media; now I know, I just don’t use media, but I contribute, and AM media: Always Changing and on the move.


Sean Meehan

Email: smmeehan@indiana.edu

Twitter: SeanMMeehan





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Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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