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T101 Media Life is about the big role that media plays in our lives. From silent raves, to popular youtube videos, to zombies, we have analyzed all aspects of the impact and impression media has on us. Overall, it is safe to say that media has literally changed the whole world. No matter where you go, or how you live, it will still always be there and affect your life. If one is not using media now, he/she is thinking about using media in some way. We need it to survive in this modern world. Maybe some day we will be overpowered by robots, or even become robots ourselves, but for now, media is still a tool that we have control over. Now, it is our reality that we have accepted and formed into our lives. It’s a part of us. We are media.


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Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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  1. This class really opened my eyes on how huge of an impact media has on our lives and how rapidly it is evolving. It is scary to think that media has come so far in such a short period of time, which makes me uneasy to think of how advanced and overpowering our media is going to become in the future. Media Life introduced me to ideas about media that I had never explored before. For example, the notion that media makes us “together alone”. Media can connect us with people around the world and at the same time isolate us from it. Media Life made me realize how prevalent media is in our lives, and how even in death we can’t escape me. We will always live in media. Media will soon consume every aspect of our lives until we are living in an “augmented reality” and can no longer distinguish between real life and the “media life”. This was definitely the most interesting class I have taken at IU because of how closely it relates to real life and how it has taught me things about myself that I didn’t know before. Media life has made me aware of my addiction to media, and how prevalent powerful media really is.
    – Chelsea Nofi

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