Marie Duperier – Canon advertisement “à vous d’aller plus loin” (go further)

This advertisement is interesting because it claims with a Canon camera you can see the reality in another way which seems to be better. Thanks to a Canon camera the reality becomes better, more funny and exciting, “see the world from another angle”. And the advertising slogan “go further” seems to mean you can create your own reality as you dream and want it. “Rise to your own challenge” seems to mean that with a camera your dreams become real so you turn the reality into your reality. Buy what “reality” ? Reality is what we experience so each person experiences a different reality, can a one single reality exist ? Media don’t separate us from the or a or our reality because they also belong to.
This ad is also funny because it shows the need to have a camera: if you don’t have a camera your travel is nothing because you can’t show and share it. Who travel without camera nowadays ? Our eyes are nore more enough. And we don’t look at the landscape or people but we watch our photos. Our photo, our point of view become more important than the place.


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