María Hernández – the Volkswagen commercial

Today in class we talked about how we live in the media and not with the media. This has consequences in our lifes and there are some points in which we even try to manipulate reality as if it was an online app, a video or an image. It is very common to observe this kind of behaviour in children, who have grown with technology and do not know a world without it.

In order to better understand this, we talked about the video in which a small girl tries to make a magazine work as an iPad. To offer another point of view, here I would like to talk about the Volkswagen commercial made for the 2011 Superbowl:

The video shows also a small child trying to manipulate reality as in science fiction. However, it is not an iPad which he is comparing the car to, nor a smartphone or a laptop, but a movie that existed before all these technologies came to our lives. What I want to say here is that new devices such as smartphones and tablets, and especially the internet connection, have changed our lives and have made it easier; nevertheless, the desire of manipulating reality existed before all those technologies were created. The “digital natives”, that is, those who do not know an analogical world, have just increased their desire of changing reality and playing with it, but they are not the first or the last ones to have it, they just show it in a different manner.

María Hernández Solana


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