I want to be a superhero

When I was a kid I remember watching the TV shows. I used to spend hours in front of the scream.

For me, that was the best entertainment, since my mom would not let me out that often to play with the other kids on the streets. As the time passed by, and the violence rate increased (in Brazil) along with the technological development, it became more and more common that kids spent their times indoors and were entertained by media.

The media, then became, to me, a reference to do my daily tasks. I remember catching up I had seen on the cartoons and trying to apply in real life. I thought I could do anything that I had watched.

As I did imagined I could do anything I watched on TV when I were a kid, children, nowadays, also do. It’s very common to see children begging to their parents for school materials, clothes and toys from their favorite heroes, or having a birthday party which the theme is a cartoon. I guess the child wants to be as awesome as the character they see on media.

Although, not only having material things from their favorite character seems to be enough to some children, since those will wish they could be the character itself. For example, this child from England became a success on the internet imitating Hulk http://mais.uol.com.br/view/s70pk4i6az2h/menino-de-2-anos-vira-sucesso-na-internet-imitando-hulk-04024D1B3462C0813326?types=A&. There were news around all over the world about it.

Therefore, those children could, in fact, become famous as the character and, in a certain way, make their dream come true. In others cases, though, the children can go beyond and try to be a superhero that can fly, such as superman or batman. Their sense of reality in these cases would truly miss up with is watched on media and what they live in real world. Every now and then we see the news about children that tried to fly as a superhero, sometimes causing terrible accidents.

Watching TV in the childhood can influences a lot in the raise of the children since they are constructing their sense of reality. It influenced me as a child and it still does with other children.

Fernanda Conforto de Oliveira – Media Life 2014


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