Janne Leivo What song are you listening to?

I find myself constantly looking at people in the streets with their headphones on and wondering what they are listening to. Then I found this video, started in New York a few years ago. This filmmaker wanted to stop people on the streets, and ask them what music they are listening to in their headphones. Then he edited the video so that the music starts to play after the question is asked.

Music has been around for ages, and knowing what someone is listening to tells a lot about the person. The video started out in New York but spread fast to other countries and it is interesting to see how people in other countries respond to the same question “what song are you listening to”. The responses even tell much about the city they are living in, you can sense the in what kind of speed people are moving and how they are interacting with each other.

To get a large number of audience, you want to make media, which people can relate to. This example is a video getting an international audience, and telling a lot about the everyday life on the streets. This video shows us what it is to live in a city. You can walk around without being disturbed, and to erase the noise of the city you hide behind your headphones and your music. If someone asks you about what song you are listening you, it should not be a big deal. It only makes common understanding of humanity.

In the class we talked about how media has disappeared. Media has indeed disappeared with people walking on the streets with their headphones on. The music has become a part of the urban wanderer, the flâneur.


New York, the original video, 2 629 845 views


London, the follow up, 638 483 views


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