Who am I? – Lauri E.

I write my name to the empty search box, hit the search button, and get the ten most relevant hits that might uncover who I am.

I start browsing through the links, but for a short period of time they do not make any sense: the preview images and the links seem to contain two different persons instead of one: a singer-songwriter looking rockstar and this business-casual-nerdy looking thing. After a short and painful re-examination by the mirror I conclude being the latter one. HA! At least I have a rockstar name duplicate!

While browsing through the content links I find out that 5 out of 10 search hits still tell something about me. So at least I am not a total nobody. The hits I get are in order of relevance: Twitter profile, LinkedIn profile, Slideshare profile, some random corporate blog profile and an about.me profile. Short scans trough these links reveal the boring secret: I seem to be quite factual, to the point and corporate in my postings. I even describe myself as Managing Director of an IT company and a “software, media & business generalist”. What the hell does that suppose to mean? By browsing the links I get a feeling that work might be a big part of my life. BOOORING!!!

Unfortunately there is not a public Facebook link or profile to look more clues, but at least from the about.me page I can get a short glimpse of what may lie beneath this corporate image: the background of the page seems to have been made out of Instragram images and there are some faintly familial looking faces that appear in more than one image. Maybe I have friends after all! There is still some hope!

And that’s it! Quite a social network control freak I seem to be. Or maybe I am just shy.


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