Marie Duperier – Alone together

The way how I found some examples about to be alone together in media is also an example which shows that media can gather people. Yesterday it was the Chinese New Year, with my flatmates and some friends we went to see the celebrations in Kamppi square, and after my Chinese flatmate cooked for us Chinese food. As I didn’t find some examples for the course, I made the most of being all together to ask to my friends if they had some examples to be alone together in media, and everybody participated in the discussion and shared their ideas!! To talk about life in media can gather people even for the homeworks 🙂 

So together we found the examples of E-learning  and Teleconferencing and websites to take courses online from foreign and great Universities like edX, coursera and Open Yale courses. Thanks to these online courses you can study alone at home what you want but you take courses teaching by real teachers together with other students like you. You study alone together in media.

The other example we found together is the website, on this website you can start a petition to change something you are against or on the contrary something you are involved in. It’s a great way to make pressure on few powerful people thanks the greatest number of people. You can share your interests, your actions and your fightings, your struggles and you become aware of the fact that you are not alone. I think it’s a wonderful way to act ethically together in media. 

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