Media Addicts

Hi everyone,

My name is Yordi Eimers, 21 years old and I have an addiction, a media addiction. But don’t judge me, because you are an addict as well and I will explain to you why we are all (a little) addicted to media.

First of all, I don’t have to be a psychic to know that the closest thing to you right now is either your laptop or your phone. Sad isn’t it? We are all living in social media rather you like it or not. We are producing and consuming media the whole day through. We are even consumed by it, because Research by Emarketer tells us that we are willing to use 12 hours of our time in media on an average daily base. But why are we so obsessed by it?

In my opinion,  we use media a lot because there seem to be no rules at all. You can post whatever you like on social media. I think that this feeling of freedom really appeals to us.  Furthermore, you are in absolute control of your account. You decide what you post. You can create a whole new version of yourself online and that is okay. You can create a version of you that you can’t be in real life. You can be the perfect version of yourself. Social media gives you the power to bend reality. I mean that you can post pictures of yourself on Instagram and pretend to be extremely happy and pretend that you are having the best night ever. But you are actually feeling like sh!t.

In addition, the likes, the shares and favorites, on our comments on social media just make us feel good. I think it makes us feel loved and who doesn’t want to be loved? I do and I guess you do too. Also, we post pictures of us on social media, not only because you want to show the world that you had fun last weekend. Nope, we post this so people can compliment us. We just post pictures of ourselves to feed our egos.

So, we use media for 12 hours a day on a daily base, but we think we only use it for like 4 hours a day. We don’t even notice the amount of time we spend on media, because everyone around us does have the same media consuming behaviour. I think that speaks for itself of how problematic this is. Media isn’t officially a disorder, because it isn’t categorized as one in the psychiatrists’ bible, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). More research is needed, before they can officially categorize this complex disorder.  In 2012 psychiatrists  denied the entrance of the internet disorder into the DSM IV. Looks like they are denying their disorder up until today.

I am going to be honest with you. the actual assignment of this blogpost was to write about why we love media. But I think it is much more than love. I think we are consumed by media and therefore we can’t live without it. Just like a heroine addict can’t live without his heroine.

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