Media lets me be with the one I want to be with

The answer to the question “Why I Heart My Media” is, for me, simple.

Media lets me be with the one I want to be with.

I have been in a relationship with this person for the past 5 ½ years now and almost 3 of them have been in a form of long distance. Thanks to media (texts, phone calls, facebook, skype etc.) we never have to be a part in any other way than physically. Thanks to media we can plan our future together, talk about where we want to live, engagement, wedding but also regular things like a simple question “what are you up to?”

I am not saying it is easy but media helps. We both know that if it weren’t for media we probably wouldn’t make it but this makes us stronger together.

So this is why I heart my media.

Bildresultat för love media

Johanna Stenbacka


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