9 quick reasons why I love media…

– You can spend your thirty-five-minute train journey scrolling through your Facebook feed and reading posts from people you haven’t seen in six years.
– You can communicate with your best friend on a party through WhatsApp, even though you’re right next to each other, just so you can gossip about that friend you hate.
– You can spend thirty minutes on one photo just so it matches your Instagram feed.
– When you have a day where you won’t get out of bed for no reason, you can watch someone else do more exciting things through their vlogs on YouTube.
– About vlogs, you can record your boring life and get paid for it.
– Through media you can pretend you think something is funny by typing HAHAHA even though you’re not actually laughing.
– You can stalk friends nowadays by adding them on Snapchat.
– When you’re broke and you want sushi, you can watch other people eat sushi on YouTube and still feel satisfied.
– You can skip a lecture and watch it back in the middle of the night when you got ‘time’.

Michelle de Vos


Published by Life in Media

Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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