New media is convenient

In some situations, media can be the most convenient thing. Trying to focus on one aspect is a difficult thing to do because media has such a broad meaning; but let me just focus on one thing for now: the internet.

TBH, new types of media are awesome. Remembering the newspaper lying on the kitchen table makes me think. All I did was looking at the headline (or let’s say the picture): Sometimes only a boring local event which I didn’t really care about. I remember classmates making ‘fun’ of me because I didn’t read the newspaper or didn’t get the latest news. In the last few years, this has changed. I started to be way more interested in news because of one simple thing: my phone. Accessing news coming from all over the world got a lot simpler. You suddenly could read the news on a small digital screen laying on your bed, adjusted to your preferences (ranging from the latest Kim Kardashian gossip to the newest technologies). When something special you’re interested in happened, you would simply get a notification. And this is just a little aspect of new media. Just think about how easy it is to interact with your friends and family just with a 4.7-inch screen, while you had to actually leave your room just to ask a friend if he wants to play with you as a child. Sure, there are a lot of downsides to media, but could I still live without it? My answer to that is No. I heart my media because I love looking things up all day, even the oddest stuff. And aren’t we all grateful to be able to stalk anyone we want whenever we want?


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