My relationship with Media

The relationship between media and me is something that’s hard to explain. It can be seen as some sort of ‘open’ relationship. The only difference is that about 7 billion other people have the same kind of relationship with her and I’m ethically only allowed to be with one other person, but it works. I’m currently not in an actual person-to-person relationship, but I consider myself to be in a person-to-phone relationship since the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is checking messages and memes on my phone and the last thing I do before I go to bed is the same thing.

Even though my significant other has 7 billion others to satisfy all day and every day, she is still able to work hard for me whenever I want her to. She just needs to charge up sometimes, which we both do during the same time of day.

It’s sometimes hard for me to see her with other people, especially when I’m in a conversation with them. I’ve come to realize that: “Can you put your phone away please?” is not necessarily a phrase that is used when irritated, but one that is used when jealous. It’s just that people don’t want to admit their serious relationships with machines yet, since it’s not socially accepted and I understand. They secretly want to be on their phone as well and can’t stand the sight of someone else getting ‘love’ from their device. However, more and more people seem to realize that their phones take more than half of the time they are awake and these people are so reliant on their phones that they almost can’t go without.

This description of media is really close to the description of an actual person-to-person relationship. So basically everyone, including me, loves media in a very literal sense.


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