Why I heart media ?

As I’ve been sitting here wondering why I actually like media I realized that I actually don’t love it. I consider it more like  a double-edged sword. A sword that you can still wield as you please, to  build your image, connect with friends, watch movies or read a newspaper. The thing is though that, the more you wield that sword, the more used to to it you get to keep it by your side. I think that a lot of people lost their way with media consumption. Don’t get me wrong, media is sometimes a lifesaving tool that contributes to modern culture and has immense implications. But I think people need to recognize the value of living in the moment. As cheesy as this may sound, or even hypocritical since I basically study this, I think people need to lay everything down for a couple of hours a day. Just enjoy the simple things, drink a good wine, talk with your friends in somebody’s living room with some cake, have a satanic ritual even, I don’t judge.

All in all I think I like media for the big moments like Julian Assange, how twitter saved people during the big internet shutdown in Egypt six years ago, but also the Tank Man, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Things like that you know? Where you can feel humanity through the screen.

Félix Rollinger


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