Why I Heart My Media

When asking myself the question, ‘Why I heart my media?’, I counter-ask myself the question, ‘Do I?’. The heart implies a feeling of love, or at least strong positive feelings regarding media. Depending on the definition of media used, my feeling varies, but in no case is that feeling love. Looking at media as devices, one could argue I feel strongly about it considering how much time I spend on the devices. But the truth is I feel as most of the time I spend on my devices, is spent in vain. Of course, if I were to optimise my time on devices (only use them when needed and for useful, e.g. academic, purposes) my tone might be more positive. However, with my abhorrent discipline, my devices are usually glued to my palm when I need a distraction or I am bored. Given, technology is a blessing (and a curse); I can be on the other side of the world and contact anyone needed within a matter of seconds. But I raise the question, at what cost? I feel as a lot of the things that used to be appreciated, nature for example, can not be appreciated in the same way anymore. My media, my devices, make me less observant through my own eyes and more through a screen. Many view this as a good thing, some are in the middle, and I, view it as a bad thing.

To end on a more positive note, the title does imply positive thoughts on media, I take a glance at what might be my favorite side of media; the possibility to make an impact. There is a lot wrong with the world as it is today, and through easy access to media; everyone has a podium. There are of course setbacks: censorship, receiving a crowd, and the most prominent one, maybe everyone shouldn’t have a podium (#MAGA)? However, media does give the voiceless a voice, and I believe that is a very powerful factor. Would I say I heart this aspect of media? Tough, but I still think my heart shall be saved for the fairer sex, nature and the occasional glass of red wine.



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