Why I love Media and what it has done for me.

Media is a big part of my life. I could go on like everyone talking about how it keeps me in touch with everyone I want to, I can talk to family, friends, etc. But what I really love about Media is how it enables me to zone out for a couple of hours, either whilst listening to music or playing video games. And video games have been a key factor to me growing up with Media and are probably the major reason why I love Media. But it is not only for my personal enjoyment that I play. I play because I can cooperate with people throughout the world, I can team up with my best friends in the same game, no matter how far everyone is from each other, but also – and this has been a key factor- I can actually learn something from games ( History, Art, Programming). So yeah, all I can say is, that through Media and specifically video games, I have managed to find hobbies, friends and even learn some stuff that they don’t teach you in school and could actually be pretty interesting.

P.S.: Stop criticizing people for playing video games, no matter how old they are. They probably just need a quick break from reality 😉


Nick Kefalas



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