Breaking Stereotypes

The reason why I love my media is simply because it can break certain barriers or stereotypes. My example is the game D&D, Dungeons & Dragons always had a negative stereotype around it. People said it is only for 35 year old men still living in their moms basement. However it became a little more “normal” the more media played a role in it. More people started to play when a lot of information and products were available online and did not have to go to a game shop.

Then a livestream on streamer platform Twitch had a big influence on expanding the target audience for D&D. A show called Critical Role, where 9 well-known American voice actors came together to play D&D. The increase of viewers from 2015 to 2017 made the stream the top watched stream of the day on Twitch the day it was live, beating every standard game like League of Legends, DotA 2 and Counter-Strike. It had twenty thousand or more viewers, the had guest appearances of famous Hollywood actors such as Vin Diesel, got nominated for the Streamy Awards and recently got to play live in a theater for thousands of people and tens of thousands watching online.

The show that made D&D accessible and relatable for everyone: Critical Role

This is episode 1 of currently 112

Brend Boorsma (11870060)


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