Love – Hate

Media has made my life so much easier. The one thing I truly love about media is that you can find ANYTHING you want in just seconds. Maybe it is because I am lazy, but hey how cool is it that you can find tons of information about e.g. the life of Leonardo di Caprio and it just one click away.

The other thing that I truly love about media is how easy it is to maintain contact with my loved ones and with friends and family that I do not see often, because of our busy lives.

I like very long phone calls and how amazing it is that I now can Facetime (audio) with that one boy I like and do not have to worry about the phone bill by the end of the month. The negative side is that I can see when he was last seen online on e.g. Whatsapp and did not answer my message. You start to contemplate, but maybe he is just busy with work or something…

It really is a love/hate relationship with media I guess – BUT MORE A LOVE THING.

Well if you have some spare time (because we students really have plenty of spare time #SOG – SOG = Studie Ontwijkend Gedrag = Study avoiding behaviour) just watch some meme (videos) and there you go, 2 hours later… Gotta love the Interwebs :).


FAVOURITE MEME VIDEO 2017 – click this link for the video

Hoa Le


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