doogeI heart my media, because I heart memes…

You might think that´s a lame answer, but hear me out. Memes are the perfect example of how media can connect people, bring them closer together and can facilitate for deeper meaning in relationships between people. For example; I experience the constant tagging of my friends in memes and being tagged in memes by them as a way of bonding. The fact that your friends think of you when seeing an apparently representative meme, creates a feeling of belonging and meaningful friendship. Memes are a fun way of showing your friends that you really know them, since it takes knowing someone well before you can tag them in the really good memes.

Memes are also fantastic, because they show how media can bring out the most creative side of people for the better. Political memes for example can be extremely funny, yet conveying a serious message at the same time. Serious political issues can be given a funny and creative twist by making memes out of them. Since memes are very easy to understand and are spread easily and fast on social media, the political message contained in them reaches a large audience. The fact that they are so easy to understand and spread also makes for the fact that everyone can use memes to spread a message, making them pretty important in the spreading of ideas online.

Therefore, I love media and I love memes. I love how memes make me laugh, but also how they make me think about the world and feel about my relationship to other people.

My favourite meme? Doge. Why? Because reasons. Because much wow.

(by Britt Hoencamp)





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