Perfect media

I love my media, but I hate my media too. Certainly, possibilities of new media are endless. We have all so much to thank for since the start of the progression of this recent way of universal communication. Even though this made the polarisation of opinions possible, it also facilitated the ability of finding many different sources at once. The problem that arises is that the polarised opinions are mostly loudly voiced, thus strike as being very popular.  What I’m curious about is if the younger generations are less (or more?) vulnerable to becoming engrossed in those created frames of specifically selected material, because we grew up in new media while being taught about new media. What value does information have in our society anyhow, if we can’t see real from fake?
Another question we must ask ourselves is if media is a good way of communication. Does it isolate people from real human contact? Or do the possibilities it creates for (virtual) contacts that could have otherwise never happened make up for that issue?
It is difficult having a strong one-sided opinion about media for me, as there are so many contradicting elements in new media. Nevertheless — nothing is perfect, so of course (new) media couldn’t be either.
Sofia van den Donk
(I made a very little animation a while back which fits this subject)


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