Why I heart Media

Name: Alice Novello

Student number: 11779616

The reason why I heart media is obviously not just a reason, it’s probably more like a story, confuse feelings, mixed signals, dreams.

When I was 13 and people would ask me what i wanted to be when I grow up I always said a revolutionary, when I was 15, in the summer after we graduate from middle school me and my friends wanted to change the world and that’s when I started to love media.

The story it’s actually very embarrassing to tell because, even though i consider being naive a positive trait of my personality, we were like the supersayan version of a normal naive people, plus we were preadolescents with nothing to worry about, other than, of course, the common good.

We created our own manifesto which was, in fact, just one powerful sentence: revolutions start from the bottom, with us being the bottom, I guess. The next step was to really understand why we didn’t like how things were and why we wanted to transform everything, we were watching lots of movies together, to form our culture, I recall the Black Swan, The Dictator, Shutter Island and The Social Network as our main inspiration, they actually really freaked us out. So than we had out mantra, we had our culture, next thing on the list was starting to revolt.

We were writing so much, drawing, taking pictures, we walked through all the towns nearby to collect a very small stone from every playground because children were the future and it made everything more mystical and also all them had the power to give us good vibes or something. We bought permanent markers (spray painting was a little too thug for us) and we started writing inspiring, revolutionary quotes on playground mostly, sometimes parks, never houses cause that would have been rude, we were spreading the word and we were already feeling that something was changing.

#LeRivoluzionipartonoDalBasso was our twitter hashtag (just our mantra in italian) and out secret code. We were taking pictures and posting them on facebook with text and little poems about what was important for us, we were trying to move something that seemed standing still, untouchable, but we were there trying and trying and trying again, under our philosophy of drops that make up oceans, we wanted to be waves, we wanted to carve stones.

That’s basically the first time somebody ever read something I wrote, even though I would never sign my stuff, I started loving photography and loving my friends more, and then we started getting into spirits and mental powers and lucid dreams, but the point is that for me media is more or less the same magical tool that I can use to understand myself, express what I am and what i think, it teaches me how I want to shape the way I behave and what I find important to tell.                                                                                                       I still believe i can carve stones.



(pic I took with my grandma’s camera in 2011, I just add it so you know how the story is real)


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