Why I heart my media?

Yesterday I lost my phone. And in a way it actually felt like losing one of my senses. Today, there have been so many times that I missed it, that I reached out for it and couldn’t find it in my pocket or on the table next to me.

This morning, I couldn’t even set an alarm to wake up. I was not able to see the pictures of the party I went to, was late for an appointment because I had no agenda anymore, couldn’t find my way to a place I was supposed to go to, wasn’t able to listen to music while riding my bike, nor could I dress according to the weather. I was not even able to communicate with my best friend who is studying in Hong Kong.

Yes, I realised how ‘addicted’ I am to this device. But do I care? Do I have the feeling that I should use my phone less when I get it back? Not really. Because even though many people see the increasing phone usage as a harmful fact for society, I think it does a lot of good too. Why shouldn’t we take advantage of all the knowledge our phones have to offer us? Why not make our life so much easier?

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