Why I Heart My Media

I tried to choose one of the components in the taxonomy definitions of media: media as artefacts, activities and social arrangements. However, the definitions seem intertwined in such a way that I cannot choose one, neglecting the other (or I can blame on the zodiac: I’m a Libra).

My media provide me abilities, possibilities, they cheer me up, make me look at things in ways I never imagined before (and often contradict myself. I mean, reinvent myself). What not to love about it?

I cannot remember the moment when the habit of checking my phone first-thing-in-the-morning and last thing before going to sleep began. I check my smartphone – an artefact, and, thus, media – to see whether I slept through my alarm or if I have any important message received or to send, i.e., media as an activity.

During the day, the habit of checking Facebook on my notebook or any other device slips in. To me, Facebook, Instagram and other social media are present in my life, as a guilty-pleasure activity; to fill study breaks and to escape moments of profound boredom.

Not a long time ago, I would still buy paper maps to use in day trips. Since my larger data package allows me to exploit Google Maps, I don’t consider going back to paper maps or bothering strangers on the street.

I love that I can post beautiful photos of trips and places and have my photographs. I love expressing myself and soften my ego with receiving likes and comments. I love media because at the same time it makes me desire the next amazing gadget I will not be able to live without; that offers new functions that I do not even know I need. Reviews and other product information, just a click-away, allow me to see otherwise; media enable me to reflect and make informed choices.

Media allow me to connect with my beloved ones, making the distance seem less hurtful. In any moment of my (or their) convenience, we can share messages and pictures, send audios or call.

I love how easy media has made it easy to find tickets to anywhere and plan getaways that fit in the budget. It has never so convenient to find well-recommended and safe places to visit.

Learning a new language and sharing (and reading) experiences of what books to buy, courses to follow and so forth, evidence how media have changed the perspective on how I connect with the ever-unfolding world. Media have changed my social arrangements from only sharing information and knowledge with people I know to taking part in a more extensive network and body of knowledge.

Yes, I love my media. And from this love, media has become my object of study. Love that I did not know how nor when it has begun but that it has consolidated with time. The relationship is getting more mature, but not in any way less beautiful or significant. Time has brought us intimacy, some disappointments, broken hearts, excitement and I know media will be there for me. Anytime, anywhere.

– Flávia Stienstra


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