I heart my media, because my media hearts me.


So, I was born 1995 and here’s my brief timeline using media:


1998: My very first kid’s cassette recorder sing along with a microphone.

Only got this because my parents probably wanted me to stay busy and be creative.

1999: My father gave me a self-recorded tape with songs for my 4th birthday.

Only to have music at my party.

2000: My first MP3 Player/Radio from a Barbie surprise egg.

Only got this because it was my sisters birthday and my parents thought I’d get jealous.

2003: My first credit cell phone – a Nokia.

Only to call/text my parents for emergencies.

2005: My first blue iPod Nano.

Only to listen to music and play Bricks.

2006: My first digital Sony camera.

Only to be able to take pictures/videos, and wouldn’t annoy my dad to always use his analog camera.

2008: My first and only time I created my Facebook account.

Only too add school friends.

2009: My first touchscreen smartphone – a Samsung.

Only to send text or call people.

(…and everyone knows that when you “press the (internet) button”, your parents would rage)

2010: My first MacBook – the old white one.

To use the laptop for school work.

2010: My first iPhone – the iPhone 4.

To be updated with my environment and the media world.

2012: My first iMac.

To use it for school, because my MacBook broke.

2014: My first DSLR camera – a Nikon.

To use for taking pictures/videos of family trips and other occasions.

2014: My first MacBook Pro.

To use it for school, because the white MacBook broke and the iMac cannot be taken to school.

2015: My first self-purchased iPhone 6.

To have a functioning phone again, as my iPhone 4 got slower and slower.


Why did I make a timeline? I wanted to see how much media I posess since I was born. I must say it shocked me, but at the same time I told myself “it’s okay”. I said it was okay, because without my media I would have not been able to live the kind of I life I lived until now. Staying in touch, calling/texting people and family, taking pictures or recording videos, having access to the internet 24/7 and saving memories. So, to answer your question: Why do I heart media?

As you can read above, most of my life included media and I felt like I needed to have certain media in order to pursue specific things. This is why I believe “I heart my media, because my media hearts me”, as it is a two-way street relationship where we give and take.

  1. We take the functionalities of the media to give something to society and our environment.
  2. The media gives us its functionalities to allow us to give something to society and our environment.

Either way, we go hand-in-hand.

Media, I love you.


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