Why I Heart my Media

Media represents various things such as change, innovation and evolution. In what is considered to be very little time, we were able to fully incorporate new media in our society and in our everyday life. The reason why media and its role can often be seen as controversial is the unpredictability of people. People have different values and interests and it is only logical, considering the great size of our population, that we will all react to it and use it differently.

One thing media has (surprisingly) taught me is that people care above all about people. It is easy to disagree, but thinking about it, even when it comes to social media, really all it is, is building an image of you for others to see and look up to. The situation may indeed get out of hand but it really is about how each individual chooses to use media.

It’s safe to say – for me at least – that I kind of depend on my media the way I depend on water (in a healthy way of course).

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 11.45.37

I wouldn’t want to say that I love my media, but I do love the opportunities it gives me. Besides keeping me entertained when I’m alone and making life simpler (with the use of  google, reminders, calendar, maps, weather app etc.), it gives me the opportunity to travel, study abroad, and still keep in touch with my family and friends. It gives me the freedom to share my ideas, voice my opinions and get inspired by those of others. It gives me the chance to get creative and express myself. It allows me to do a lot of things from home to save time if I need to (shopping, ordering food, studying, storing/submitting work). It gives me the possibility to find anything I need about my interests and people who have the same ones. It gives me the opportunity to stay up-to-date with all events taking place around the world and gives us all the ability to be connected which is a crucial aspect.

The doors media has opened and will keep opening for me are infinite. The only obstacle is myself and the way I will decide to use these opportunities. I will hopefully make the right choices, so I will not only be able to say that I heart my media for the opportunities it gives me, but I heart the way I use my media to make the most out of these opportunities.

By: Bianca Lucini, 11631066


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