Why I Heart My Media – Ulas Uygun

Two years ago, I decided to go in a different direction in my life. I had a decent job, I was living in a nice apartment and had been blessed with the opportunity to travel across the world whenever I had a chance. However, I had been feeling incomplete for a while. So I started reading about similar experiences online. A lot of people who had felt the same way, seemed to have solved this by adopting a hobby. So I did the same. I started taking illustration courses. Fast forward two years, I quit my job to become a full-time illustrator and moved to Amsterdam to study media. This overwhelming change in my life has been mainly caused by the encouragement I received online. I had a website through which I shared the content I created with the whole world. As more and more people tuned in to see what I had to say through my media, I became more engaged and used my media in different directions. And today, 4th of October the international day of animal rights, I’m using my media and online reach to generate a donation to the Animal Shelter Amsterdam.

This is exactly why I heart my media.

Watch the announcement here


Ulas Uygun


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