Why I heart media

Media to me isn’t just something that we do or practice, it’s something so deeply integrated in our current way of living that it now has functions that far exceed the simple use of an app. For me the most fascinating thing about media in the current day is that it has the ability to bring people together from all around the globe (Global Village in essence).

My example to illustrate this is the radio/Soundcloud show Soulection. What started as a show of radio dj/producer Joe Kay, this platform has now exceeded 450.000 followers on Soundcloud, has grown to an official label and, performs all over the world. They have achieved this by using the power of social media (liking and sharing the shows the post every week) and inviting artists from all over the world and the same scene onto the show to perform and interview. There isn’t a show that goes by without the host telling you that ‘Music brought us here’ and that we’re all part of a bigger community.

This Saturday ‘Soulection’ is performing during ADE and the tickets have already sold out. The people who go to the show all have the same mindset about why they are there  (The music and the vibe) and the funny thing is, it’s only positive. Somehow a radio dj from Los Angeles has created a platform on social media which enables people to come together only by posting a radio show on Soundcloud every week, and that’s why I Heart Media.

Here’s the latest show, for those interested: https://soundcloud.com/soulection/soulection-radio-show-330

Thomas de Boer,


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