sunshine on a rainy day

media gives me comfort. on days where i feel like i have no one to talk to, i quickly turn to media and find like-minded people, going through the same battles i’m going through. it makes me feel like i finally fit in. it is a feeling that all of us desire. we strive for any form of belonging. it’s a familiar routine. when we feel down, we go on pinterest and find quotes depicting our emotions. we open netflix and find a show that we get emotionally attached to, in a way where every single character becomes our friend. the show subsequently becomes a huge part of our identity. we take pictures of ourselves crying in order to finally make certain people care. media aids us in our journey of finding our true friends. or sometimes the opposite happens. people turn to media to run away from their emotions. whether it’s by watching youtube videos of people enjoying their lives, listening to uplifting music, or finding a show that makes them laugh, there are several ways that people flee this chaotic country called ‘their thoughts’. media gives people a way out. a time out. a breath of fresh air. something all of us crave. our lives have become even more exhausting than before, with negative world events constantly being broadcasted on tv, having to follow certain rules every time we leave our houses and not being able to take a proper holiday due to the stress coming from our educational institutions. we constantly have something on our minds. and by using our media we get a break from all that. we obtain an illusion of living someone else’s life. someone who is seemingly perfect and stress-free. we get to present ourselves in a different way, even if it’s for a brief moment.

Marija 🙂


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