Do I heart my media?

Just like media are messy and complex, so are my feelings towards them. I usually find myself confused, irritated, or even hateful when thinking about our digital environment. It’s very easy to slip into this negative viewpoint after hearing older generations constantly complain about Gen Z’s dependence on technology, or after watching countless video essays dissecting the harmfulness and stupidity of the latest social media trends. It sometimes seems like media are solely negative, the source of all evil in the world.

But they are not. And despite those cynical feelings that unavoidably arise when I use my media, I do experience a sense of wonder and fascination when thinking of them. I love the opportunities they give me, the access to knowledge and content I would otherwise never find. I love how they not only inspire me and bring out all sorts of emotions, but allow me to capture and share my own feelings. How they enable me to communicate with friends and family hundreds of kilometers away, and to meet new people in this unfamiliar city as well. How their ubiquity, ultimately, makes my life easier. And how they shaped the person I am today. 

So, after all, I have to admit – I do love my media:)

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