My Media

What are my emotions towards media? 

To be honest I wouldn’t even be able to describe them. I grew up in a world with media. How would I know what it is like without?

I only love media when I am in a healthy relationship with it. Being able to set my mind free from all the constant information being forced into my brain when I want to.

If I want to use my Media I use it. 

I love scrolling through Pinterest inspiring my style, my meals or aesthetic I want to create in life. 

Instagram can be super empowering after uploading a picture you actually feel good about. Facetiming my grandmother who I don’t see every day makes my day better. 

Being in a new city such as Amsterdam you can get lost quite easily. Being able to use an app that can give me any possible opportunity to reach my destination is amazing. 

TikTok gives you the opportunity of capturing the best moments in life and creating a video to your favorite songs. It gives you a form of satisfaction. You create the perfect ‚life’ which you’re proud to have. 

If I don’t want to use my Media I don’t use it. 

Pinterest can become very frustrating when you don’t have the money or looks for the styles and aesthetics you want to recreate. 

Instagram can be pretty harsh when you see the fun people have and you constantly feel you’re not living your life to the fullest. 

Having the need to always be available to everyone can be very stressful.

The app knowing where I live, which university I visit and what bike routes I take gives you a feeling of transparency and vulnerability.

Comparing every video to all the other videos being uploaded can kill your self esteem due to the constant pressure of your videos having to be the most impressionable. 

You then realize that everyone captures different moments of life and that you’re probably experiencing the same, just enjoying life without media in that moment. 

Everyone creates their own aesthetic and vibe in life. It is everyones own choice how to live with Media. 

So yes, I do love media. 

Yet it has to be a healthy relationship and my consciousness knowing that I have a beautiful life without its influence. 

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Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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