100% Codependent on media

I am going to be completely honest with you, this is the fifth time I have tried writing this blog post. Trying to rack my brain to come up with some philosophical answer as to why I’m such a media addict. It’s weird, right? How an assortment of pixels can have such a chokehold on you. 

But, since the “me” writing this right now doesn’t have the answer to that question (yet), let us rack my brain together. 

To clarify, I am a complete social media addict, the first thing I do when I wake up is check my phone and before I go to bed I entertain myself by scrolling through (what seems) an endless For-you page on Tik Tok. When I don’t know what to wear, I open Pinterest and look through the 20+ inspiration boards I have made. If I’m bored, I open YouTube to fall into yet another rabbit hole of conspiracy videos. It’s a sort of codependency in a way, after all, if you were to take away my phone and all my other ways to access these resources (which are surprisingly quite a lot), It would take me at least a good three days to get adjusted. That does not seem like that long, however, the aforementioned things are to be completely honest with you, quite mundane tasks.  

And I can already hear you thinking: ”that doesn’t sound like a reason to love media”. This can be the case for some people, but for me, it’s the exact opposite. 

I love waking up and seeing what my friends have been up to, reading their replies to my stories or seeing what TikToks/memes they have sent me. I love the fact that before I go to bed I can watch an endless stream of funny videos and laugh even harder at the comments people have left behind. I love that I can open an app to get some inspiration for the outfit I am going to wear that day. I love theorizing about the most ridiculous things for hours, going on Google in full research mode to find out if the earth is actually round (I’m kidding about that of course). 

So you know what. Yes, I am 100% codependent on all my favourite media sources, but what’s so bad about that? For some people that can be a reason why they dislike (social) media, but for me, it’s the exact reason why I heart Media.

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